How does technology affect communication? Ever since the dawn of civilization, technology and communication have gone hand-in-hand. Ancient people used to write on stone, which remained immobile. The invention of paper, and printing press spread the communication over long distances. The ever evolving technology helped circulate the newspaper from one part to another part of the world. The invention of the telephone, radio and television transformed the way people communicate today. The invention of mobile phone made communication faster, less expensive and widely available. Text messaging services has revolutionized the way we communicate. But it is the Internet for some times now that has changed the way we communicate drastically.

The influence of modern technology on communication is so powerful that it can shape up a society and country. You have a choice though how much information you want to extract that modern communication system provides you. The mass communication system has the power to provide information customized to gain benefits for the owners. This can have a negative effect on people. The uncensored and obnoxious news items or television programs can damage the morals of people, including the teens and youth. People are exposed to numerous sources of communication. The Internet advertisements, television, newspaper, magazines, electronic billboards, and other sources of communication have pervaded in our daily lives. Because of fast and easily accessible communication people can expand and enhance their knowledge. But it can affect people’s lives too if they receive the dark side of modern communication.

The invention of the Internet is probably the best answer when it comes to how does technology affect communication. The Internet has the most significant impact on communication. The sending and receiving of emails, live chatting, live video conferences etc have made communication speedy, easy and inexpensive. People cannot only talk online to someone who is thousands of miles away but they can view them live online too while talking. Many famous personalities, world figures, and famous scientists, researchers, scholars, and writers, etc people nowadays participate in video conference using the Internet.

Workplaces have become more dynamic and active as employees and employers can use the information technology to reduce costs, increase work efficiency and save valuable time to invest in other important venture. Businesses, products, and services are globally accessible and connected by the Internet. People no longer need to queue up for posting a mail in a post office, or sending telegrams. The Internet has increased the speed of communication vastly and reduced the costs greatly.

The speed, convenience, and availability of modern technology are so overwhelming that it is easy to notice that how does technology affect communication. Modern lives are hugely dependent on technology which has become an integral part of our lives. It is not difficult to see that how does technology affect communication today. Mediated communication which is a term used to mean communication utilizing technology, has spread communication far and wide instantly. For example, watching television, talking on a cell phone, and sending an email using the Internet have become possible by virtue of advanced technology.

Technology has enabled us to spread news, information and education through mass communication. Mass communication is the term referred to any communication or message that is shared with a community or a large audience. This form of communication is dependent on technology. Watching the news on television, listening to the news on the radio, sending and receiving a mass email, and surfing or browsing through an Internet website are mass communication.

Technology evolves fast. It will continue to evolve and change. The methods of communication will move forward as technology will be move on. If you are still wondering that how does technology affect communication, then take a look at the modern word. Modern technology has transformed the world into a digital global village. The widespread impact of technology, especially, computers and the Internet, has changed greatly communication we are exposed to now.